Friday, May 29, 2009

Ever Been To Alberta?

My fiance Jimmy, our son Rodney and I have just returned from our first big camping trip of the season! We had a fabulous time! We had been itching to get out to the mountains for months and we finally found the time!

We headed straight west from our home in Bentley, Alberta for approximately 150 miles to a small town called Nordegg. Nordegg is an old coal mining town in west central Alberta. After we had a 'little' peak at the town we head back East for approximately 6 miles to where we found our camping spot.

Saunders Creek is also an old mining town that was completly abandoned in the late 1950's after the mine closed. All that is left of the town is a monument, a fresh water spring and ghosts if you believe in such :)

After setting up camp, we decided to go and explore the area! We were the only people around for miles and miles and it was an almost eerie feeling as we learned the history of our new temporary home! The little guy definitely enjoyed exploring the great outdoors!

The late afternoon of our second day, we were startled by the dog barking! We were deep in to grizzly bear country so we were always alert! Thank goodness it was not a bear but to our surprise, a cowboy on his horse was riding up over the hill! And much to our joy, Rodney had his first ride on a horse and he loved it!

Rodney spend a lot of time sitting on the horse but then he discovered that one of the cowboys was carrying one of his favorite things! So he hopped off the horse, grabbed their cell phone and off to pasture him and his new buddy went!!

After having a few 'wet ones' with our new found friends, we were invited to their ranch for their annual Cattle Drive! What excitement! They were taking 250 head of cattle across the North Saskachewan River and another 10 miles in to the mountains where they would be put to pasture until October when they would all return! This was a spectacular experience and if ANY of you ever have the chance to witness a cattle drive....we Highly Recommend it!!!!!

So there you have it! Our first big camping adventure of the season! We are so very fortunate to have been on this adventure! Not many people can say they have been on a horse and even fewer can say they have witnessed a Cattle Drive in the beautiful mountains of Alberta!!!


  1. Holy Cow Blissful...WHAT AN ADVENTURE! What a memory to have with your family. And great pictures to document the trip!

    That's my idea of a camping trip!

    ircrafty :-)

  2. Loved this blog! We just bought a camper last fall, but were limited where we could go with it because our vehicle was not big enough to get it over the mountains. No more! We bought a new Toyota Tundra two weeks ago and are planning to venture out with the camper in the next few weeks. We've been to Canada in the past without the camper and loved the country and the people! We'll have to get passports now to venture north to visit again with the camper because of new laws. Thanks for sharing your trip. Hand the camera to the fiance for a few pics of you next time!

  3. That is so cool! Your little guy is adorable too. I love shot of him sitting on the ground and the horse eating near him.

  4. Wow! What a fun trip. Thanks for sharing. I love the baby on the horse picture. That is so cute.

  5. WOW, that is really neat. Little did you know that you would have that kinda of an adventure when you went camping! Rodney looks so cute sitting on that big horse.

  6. What a lovely, relaxing way to go. I have never traveled in a camper like that but I bet it was FUN!

  7. Thought you'd like to know I've given you an Honest Scrap Award.
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  8. Alberta is Beautiful!! Have been there a few times. I'll post about our camping trip on tues. Glad to see you had a great time - we did too!!