Monday, August 31, 2009

THE Wedding

Wow...September 1st already! After taking most of the summer off, I am now ready to gear up for the fall/winter season! But first things first! The Wedding! Jimmy and I FINALLY tied the knot on Saturday, July 18! It was an absolutely perfect day
....the weather was HOT and the sun shone brightly all day!!!

We were married at my Parent's ranch in Central Alberta near a small town called Raven!

As so many of you have expressed an interest in seein
g pictures from the wedding, I thought I would share a few from our special day!

The next few pictures are of the handsome groomsmen th
at stood up for my Jimmy. Thankfully the boys waited until after the wedding to start the cocktails! At least that is what I was told!

And now for the shots of My girls! First off, my wonderful niece Maddi who was the perfect Junior Bridesmaid! She was so excited for this day! I think it was because she was able to wear the same dress as her Mom!

And now for Maddi's Mom, my older sister Nikole!

And Robin, my Maid of Honor, Best Friend and Younger Sister!

And now, My Flower Girls, Raegan & Jada, Robin's Daughters. The nerves got to Jada but she made it down the aisle and I was so very proud of her!

And now, our son Rodney Fisher who was our Ring Bearer!

And next, the love of my life....Jimmy!! Yup, I married myself a Cowboy!

And now, a very special moment for me, my Father walking me down the aisle! We only had one mishap! My dad said something funny (and to this day we can't remember what) and I let out a laughing snort as I began my walk down the aisle...yup, goes down as one of my most embarrassing moments!

So there you have it! The wedding party at its best! Then it was all downhill from there as the drinks flower freely! Everyone had an amazing time and I'd like to share with you some fun candid shots!

Here we are walking down the aisle after the ceremony! Surprised by rose petals grown and picked from a dear family friend!

Ahhh...the ceremony is over...please let me have a nice cold beverage! I started small...

...and finished big!!!!

And one of my favorite shots of the day - my precious little boy and I share a special moment!

Things got a bit more rowdy once the wedding party was on its own!!!

And here I am, in the dress I dreamed of! A perfect day!

And finally, here we are as Mr. & Mrs.!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of our wedding! Love to hear your comments!


  1. What a beautiful wedding,I am now following!

  2. What a lovely dress and a beautiful setting! Congrats!!

  3. Congrats! It looks like it was a beautiful day for your wedding!

  4. Congratulations. You looked beautiful. I love the pictures! Looks like it was a great day :)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing photos (and re-cap) of your special day! Congratulations and everyone looks beautiful. What great dresses!!

  6. congrats! You look sooo beautiful. I love your dress!

  7. Congrats! You look Fabulous! and I love the bridesmaids dresses!!

  8. What a beautiful wedding! Gosh gets me really excited for mine! Let's see, we are about 8 months from now...May 8th, and time is flying! Can't wait!


    Lovely blog too! :)

  9. Beautiful photos of a beautiful wedding. I had a great time looking through them. And we share July 18. It's my anniversary, too!

  10. What a stunning bride. Great photos. Found you through the Etsy forums :)

  11. Fab photos, what a beautiful dress and the other dresses are so pretty. What a handsome cowboy but where was the horse?

    Cazzy x