Thursday, May 14, 2009


I thought the name of this shop was most fitting as so many of you helped me to identify the mystery plant in my garden on my previous post! Chicks and Hens!!

I found Chickscratch on Etsy and am so excited to introduce Beth to you all!! Hailing from sunny San Diego California, all products in Beth's shop are vegan and paraben-free! What initially attracted me to her shop was her Lily of the Valley Soy Massage Candle. One of my favorite little flowers!

Beth's most cherished item in her shop is the lemongrass eucalyptus massage candle. It was the first one she formulated and the very first sale she had! She has a strong following of faithful users . Beth suggests using it on aching muscles at night after a bath or whenever you are feeling congested. Each time one sells it makes Beth smile! She thinks everyone should have one!

Living in Central Canada, I am envious that Beth lives in sunny Southern California! Living across the street from a 1,200 acre park and she exclaims that something is always blooming there! She enjoys taking walks just to breathe in the eucalyptus, plumeria and jasmine that constantly perfume the air. It's simple - Beth wasn't to capture just a little of that San Diego sunshine and send it all over the world!

As an artisan, Beth finds that her biggest challenge is staying positive. "When sales are slow, it's hard to keep creating and believing that people really love my products.", Beth says. To keep herself upbeat and motivated, she takes new pictures, improves her product descriptions and loves to play around with her fragrance oils until she feels energized again!

As an independant artisan, creative marketing is key to success! Beth has utilized some very unique ways to promote Chickscratch. With every massage candle order, she includes matchbooks imprinted with her shop name and logo. She also gives spa baskets to her co-workers on their birthdays, etc. which gives them a chance to sample her product line.

Who is the one person that Beth wants to purchase her products? Her boyfriend! "Not that I would take his money, of course. He's very supportive of my shop, but he hates "smell things" and never gets super excited about a new product or scent. I'd love to finally create something that he loved so much, that he'd be willing to pay me for!"

So there is your introduction to Chickscratch!!!! Please visit her shop and try out some of her things!

Happy Long Weekend to all my Canadian Followers!



  1. joanne ~ what a great product review - her pictures are absolutely beautiful. my sister used to live in san diego - i LOVE that place!

  2. What a great shop!! I found her a while back and thought the name to her shop was great!!
    Really need to try those massage candles sometime.
    Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!! WOOHOO!!

  3. lovely feature! Love the candles, and yes she is lucky to live in Southern Cali!


  4. Love finding etsy shops being promoted on other sellers blogs!

  5. I would love to have all those scents filling the air in a warm weather climate! What a wonderful inspiration. Tanks for introducing me to another etsian

  6. Her photos and products look amazing. Thanks for sharing!