Monday, May 11, 2009


Recipe for A SASSY SHADE

An array of fun and colorful textiles or unique finds (old and new)
Tossed with an armful of imagination and charm
Add a dash of trim
Sprinkle with a passion for detail
Handle and combine cheefully
Put on top of a lamp base and indulge!

Sound simple? I think not! Kristi, the creator behind Sassy Shades is creating the most beautiful and unique lampshades that I have seen in some time! I met Kristi on in the Promotion Forums and was in shock and awe when I realized that she is still waiting for her first sale!

After talking with Kristi, I admire her cheerful and positive attitude towards life and her shop! So here we go! Introducing Sassy Shades!!!!

Kristi sums up her shop in one word - SASSY!! Sassy shades is a custom decorative lampshade shop! She incorporates and eclectic mix of various textiles and trims! Her shop is brim full with a beautiful assortment of unique pieces that will enhance the ambiance of any room in your home! Each shade in her shop has been made by hand from her own NOT so secret recipe!

Kristi gets her inspiration from the encouragement of people all around her! Also an outdoor enthusiast, she is inspired by so many items in our environment. The little birds at the feeder, working in the garden, walking to the beach etc! Kristi says that just being outside inspires every inch of her and the ideas just flow through! True inspiration comes from a HAPPY HEART!

As an artisan, the biggest challenge that Kristi faces with SASSY SHADES is finding the right market for her product. She is currently working on a number of ideas in an effort to attract different niches but finds that the initial challenge is seeking out the buyers!

Like most Artisans, Kristi has cherished items that she has created! When asked which was her most cherished, she had a hard time deciding! Of course she's made shades that she has absolutely fallen in love with and all for completely different reasons! As I asked her to choose....she has picked her first listing every that she put on Etsy! It is a lampshade made from a vintage tablecloth. She fell in love with the incredibly vibrant colors when she placed it on the lamp and lit it up....took her breath away!


As with all business owners marketing a unique product, we all struggle to create unique ways to promote our businesses. As Sassy Shades is a fairly new start up business, Kristi is working on getting the word out about her business. A catchy name and logo is one of the most important and unique ways to start advertising your business says Kristi. If it's "Sassy" enough, people are going to ask about it! Her vehicle has been advertising her family restaurant for years with a personalized license plate. She claims this is another unique and inexpensive way to promote - although she is hoping to change her custom plate to her new shop very soon! She is waiting on a custom order of stickers and plans to stick them on everything and everywhere!

The bottom line is that you want people to be curious enought to check you out or ask... says Kristi!

My last question to Kristi was who she would most like to have purchase a shade from her shop! "Boy oh Boy...its hard to name one person I would love to sell to! I would be grateful to sell to anyone! I am hoping that if someone stops by my shop and doesn't see what they are looking for then they will ask! The sky is the limit! Of course a visit from Martha Stewart wouldn't hurt business at all!!!"

So there you have it folks! Welcome to Kristi's shop Sassy Shades!
I'd like to thank Kristi for providing all the information on her shop and wish her every success with her shop! Her items are beautiful, unique - one of a kind!!! So pass her shop on to your friends and family! Let's get her that first sale!!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for including my shop and "sassy" shades on your blog!

  2. I love your shop and love your stuff! I just found you through Etsy! So fun!
    Baby Jayne's

  3. I have a lamp that needs a new shade---your stuff will transform my living room! Just need to have some sales myself to buy one! :)

  4. Such a cool shop! She deserves a sale soon!!

  5. Wow these are great! I love the colors and the shapes!

  6. Those are the greatest shades!!! I adore her colors.

  7. Love your shades! Good luck with sales!

  8. I have seen her shop, and it is AMAZING! The colors are phenomenal.