Monday, September 28, 2009


Hi Everyone! It has been a long time since I have promoted an Etsy shop other than my own! After much searching, I have finally come across the most amazing artist!

I immediately fell in love with her work and I'm pretty sure that you will all feel the same!!! To tempt you in to looking a little closer, Greenie Marie describes her creations as being sprinkled with pink fluff, slight pouts and big dreamy eyes. My collection is of collector quality and designed for the child at heart." Now if that is not enough, I would like to introduce you to Ginger Cupcake. Greenie Marie's favorite items in her shop of late are her Teddy'll see why!

Greenie Marie's take on the classic Raggedy Ann and Andy is absolutely adorable! She has recreated them and brought them to life once more! What a treasured gift it would be to present them to that special little girl on Christmas morning along with a story book of the famed duo!

Truly now, who wouldn't want that little guy around! He just commands a smile or two or three! I love him!

So many of us artisans take our inspiration from the environment around us, when I asked Greenie Marie where her inspiration came from, it wasn't surprising to hear her say "daydreams and the simplicity and joy of childhood memories!

Greenie Maria allows each piece to take on its own character, they sort of fall into being in her hands! Fairy Cakes is the most adorable little thing...she is dead on when she describes her as "cutie patootie" Who can help but fall in love with this little girl when her motto is "Fairy cake tastes so sweet, in fact it's all she'll have to eat"!

Greenie Marie's own interpretation of the classic Raggedy Ann and Andy is adorable! She has recreated this famous duo with her own twist and has brought them back to life once again! What little girl wouldn't love to receive these two little beauties on Christmas morning with a copy of a Raggedy Ann & Andy book!

Greenie Marie's diversity is ever present in her Spotted Wood Owl! This little guy is so cute, he makes you just want to squeeze him and cuddle!

"Spotted Wood Owl, flying low at night, Oh how I love it when you take flight!"

As so many of us often get caught up in the 'extras' associated with our craft, Greenie Marie has kept things true to her heart! When I asked her what was the most difficult thing about being an artisan, she simple stated "at this time I really don’t feel any, I only create because I love it, and as long as I am true to that, than everything else is gravy so to speak."

Greenie Marie is quite new to Etsy and she is very much enjoying the flexibility and sense of community that it provides!

I truly hope you will take the time to look through her shop, leave some comments and even order your very own special 'creature'! It would be so gratifying to own something in which you knew such love went in to its creation!

Thank you Greenie Marie for bringing your craft to us!


  1. What a blissful balance between slightly creepy and adorable.

  2. the animals are so great! good find.

  3. Everything looks SO cute! I love the owl :)